Residential Rental Application Requirements

If you are on the search for rental apartment, you will find this "checklist" very useful in your mission:

  1. If a credit report is requierd by owner/mgt, a $20.00 per applicant for credit report fee/application must be paid by tenant at the time when submitting  application.
  2. $500 (no personal checks ) non- refundable application deposit. It is fully refundable only if your application is not approved, if approved, deposit will be applied towards security deposit or broker’s service fee. For all co-op sublets, a full 1-month deposit is required at the time of submitting the application. Posting a deposit does not guarantee acceptance of the application, but apartment will be off the market pending lease execution.
  3. Completed application by all applicants and guarantor.
  4. Copy of all applicants’ government issued photo id.
  5. If self employed or freelancing; Last 2 years’ tax returns and CPA letter verifying income.
  6. Employment letter verifying length of current  employment including current income and last three pay stubs.
  7. Copy of bank statements and assets accounts for last 3 months.
  8. All documents (copies or original) submitted to the brokerage firm/owner or management company with/for the application, must remain in broker/management/owner possession for the record, thus are not returnable to the applicant(s). Please make copies for your records.


Applicant’s minimum base income must be 40 X monthly rent to qualify for an apartment. Guarantors must proof income of 80 X monthly rent to guaranty applicant and must submit all above documents as well. Please fax all paperwork to us or e-mail with the agents name on the cover sheet.




Tenant screening reports from consumer reporting agencies are sometimes used to assist landlords in making rental decisions. Relevant to such reports we may use them by contacting the following:

EXPERIAN CALL 888-397-3742     EQUIFAX CALL 800-685-1111     TRANSUNION CALL 800-888-4213

The law requires us to notify you if property is not leased or rented to you based on information in that report. You also have the right to dispute the accuracy of the information in the report from such agency if property is not leased or rented to you based on such report. You are also entitled to receive one free report every 12 months from any nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency used by us, as well as a free credit report every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX and TRANSUNION. You can request this free credit report through the website You may dispute the accuracy of any information about you that is contained in such report directly with the credit reporting agency.

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